Safety Ear Muff

Go through the range of Safety Ear Muff which is clothing accessories or PPE designed to cover a person's ears for hearing protection or for warmth. This consists of a thermoplastic or metal head-band, that fits over the top or back of the head, and a cushion or cup at each end, to cover the external ears. One of the main advantages of Safety Ear Muff is that they are easy to fit. This ear muff is available in some varieties such as Ear Muff, Earmuff Classic, and Ear Muff Foldable Deluxe. This is often more comfortable for workers for wear hearing protection for long periods of time.
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Earmuff Classic

Price: 55.00 - 60.00 INR

Suitable for protection against long term exposure to medium noise levels.

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Ear Muff Foldable Deluxe

Price: 55.00 - 60.00 INR

Soft padded plastic Head Bands Folds for dust free storage in pocket or a bay

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Ear Muff

Price: 55.00 - 60.00 INR

Recommended Areas: Airports, Excavation Equipments , Generators & High frequency Welding.


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